Bill Kitchen has graduated with Honors from the USAF Electronics School

  • Served the Air Force working with top-secret defense systems
  • Attended Temple College
  • First job: VP and Chief Engineer for Mayer Broadcasting.
  • Owned and operated a broadcast engineering company
  • Built or acquired seven of his own radio stations.

Later acquired Television Technology Corporation in Boulder, Colorado which developed the world’s first high power, solid-state FM transmitters and high-efficiency UHF Television transmitters.

Mid-life career change led him to invent, patent and develop several innovative, successful concepts in the attractions industry including:

1. Skycoaster – Now featured in 100 plus theme parks worldwide.

2. iFly– The premiere indoor skydiving wind tunnel. iFly has become known worldwide, and has locations in 35 cities, and on cruise ships.

3. Unicoaster –All the thrills of a looping, interactive roller coaster, featured in many locations.

4. Polercoaster: a massive, vertical rollercoaster with its track set on a tall observation tower. Upcoming Florida location will be the world’s tallest rollercoaster.

Bill holds over 20 patents. He resides in Orlando Florida. His favorite hobbies are flying his Cessna seaplane, boating, skiing, astronomy and astrophysics. He is a Master Skydiver, an Airline Transport Pilot, an Air Force Veteran, and a lifetime member of the S.E.T.I. League (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence).

Bill was the founding contributor for “Give Kids Safe Shelter”, an organization dedicated to finding safe homes for abused children.

His intense interests in astronomy and astrophysics have led him to establish the “Interstellar Beacon,” dedicated to sending messages into the universe to reach extraterrestrial intelligence and preserve the legacy of all humanity.