an elite group, brought together amongst the same vision to establish the “Interstellar Beacon,” dedicated to sending messages into the universe to reach extraterrestrial intelligence and preserve the legacy of all humanity.


William J. Kitchen


- Founder, Inventor, Investor



Professor H. Paul Shuch

- Exec. Director SETI League


Dr. Daniel Batcheldor

Author, Scientist, Space Advocate


ESiegel profile.jpg

Dr. Ethan Siegel

- Theoretical Cosmologist, Science Writing

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John Spencer

- Space Architect, Space Tourism Advocate



Dr. Armin T. Ellis

- Founder, Exploration Institute, Inventor of i2i Method™


Dr. Stuart Kingsley

- Honored 1984 Rank Prize for Optoelectronics.


Even if we never reach the stars by our own efforts, in the millions of years that lies head it is almost certain that the stars will come to us. Isolationism is neither a practical policy on the national or cosmic scale. And when the first contact with the outer universe is made, one would like to think that Mankind played an active and not merely a passive role - that we were the discoverers, not the discovered 
— Arthur C. Clarke. 1951