Dr. Stuart Kingsley is a professional electrical engineer with a B.S. from London’s City University, and a Ph.D. from University College London. He is a pioneer in the field of fiber-optic sensing, having first shown in the ‘70s that optical fibers can be used to measure strain, pressure and temperature. Dr. Kingsley is the author of over 60 papers in fiber and integrated optics, mainly related to coherent fiber-optic systems and distributed fiber-optic sensing, and twelve patents in the area of fiber/integrated optic sensing and optical modulation. In the ‘90s, Stuart resurrected and promoted the idea, mainly through his web site www.coseti.org, that free-space laser links would be more effective for interstellar communications between extra-terrestrial civilizations over their microwave counterparts. Member, The Institution of Engineering and Technology (formerly the IEE), British Chartered Engineer, Life Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Member, Eta Kappa Nu Association, and Planetary Society Member since 1981.