our solution

Backup earth


our solution

Backup earth

: a plan for backing up Earth. Since the 1960s, humanity’s attempts to contact alien civilizations have been focused primarily on listening endeavors, such as SETI. However, the lack of signals may not mean that extraterrestrials aren’t there; they may be absent simply because we have not yet sufficiently announced our presence. Efforts towards broadcasting an interstellar signal are collectively known as METI: Messaging Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Attempts at METI have been minimal due to a combination of factors, including the latency of two-way  communication, fear of contacting a malevolent civilization, and cost. We contend that two-way communication should not be the impetus for METI, but that the near-term risk of humanity’s demise provides a more pressing concern: we need to backup Earth.

The  four - Program message


As the Interstellar Beacon organization, we propose to construct a high-powered laser that would begin broadcasting Earth’s message. We put forth the scientific and sociological case for a five-program message.

  • The first program is an Interstellar Rosetta Stone, encapsulating language, communication and how to decode our message.
  • The second is an Interstellar Time Capsule, detailing all natural and anthropological history known at present, and containing a full suite of the art and science of humanity.
  • The third is an Interstellar Noah’s Ark, containing the sequenced genomes of as many living creatures on Earth as possible.
  • The fourth and final program is an Interstellar Human Nursery, with an instruction suite for recreating humans.

We also refute the assumption that aliens would be hostile to us. If ET does detect our signals while humanity is still here, we would send the same message content. Soon we will present a plan for an infrared laser transmitter, "The Interstellar Beacon" that will being broadcasting as soon as technically feasible.

   m e e t  t h e  t e a m

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common questions

common questions

  • Aren't we going to get a worldwide consensus first?

    No, we will not be getting a world-wide consesus before broadcasting. It is unnecessary, "the world" has debated this for 20 years now, without any solutions.

  • When will we begin?

    Our plan is to be broadcasting very soon, within the next 12 months as long as everything goes as planned.

  • Where are you getting your funding?

    While the founder is no Bill Gates or Elon Musk, William Kitchen is however personally funding the startup.

  • "How dare you try and speak for Earth!'

    The beauty of it is, we wont... the people of Earth will speak for Earth. All the information that is being gathered is already available online and public records, we are speaking for humanity and how dare you NOT CONTRIBUTE, if we give you the oppurtunity.

  • You have no right, especially considering the consequences

    The potential of Backup Earth, far outweighs any dangers from malovolent aliens.